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Transportation Services

On time and safe delivery is our specialty.

Our Services

At Capital Transportation Inc., we are equipped to deliver almost any type of cargo load. Our fleet of Owner Operators and OTR Drivers are experienced individuals who know what it takes to consistently deliver cargo on time from one destination to another.

Timely Delivery

We recognize that a timely delivery is an essential part of doing business with our partners. We always strive to deliver 100% of the cargo loads we carry on time.


We ensure that the cargo we carry gets from the loading docks to the unloading docks in the same condition without any hitches along the way.

Experienced Management Team

Our management team has kept the same individuals from the time we were established in 2014 to present day. Since, it has grown to incorporate even more highly focused individuals that give their best effort to ensure the quality of our services, equipment, etc. remains at record heights.

Regularly Serviced Equipment

We always keep our equipment running at its best with regularly scheduled service. We try to keep equipment downtime to an absolute minimum as that costs our partners and us money which is something we do not tolerate. 

Freight We Carry

We have all the major types of freight covered. Our partners can rely on us to have the necessary equipment and experienced Owner Operators and OTR Drivers to efficiently and safely deliver cargo loads across the country.



We are very experienced with carrying Dry Freight cargo. We ensure that our trailers are always clean and ready to haul the next cargo load across the country. 


Temperature Controlled Freight

We carry Temperature Controlled Freight in trailers with regularly serviced Reefer units to assure our shippers and brokers that their cargo will be transported at the precise temperatures from the moment our trucks leave the loading dock to the moment that they arrive at the unloading dock.



We know that certain types of cargo need the flexibility of a flatbed trailer. This is why our services have and will always include the ability to carry Flatbed Freight so that our shippers and brokers can count on us to have the necessary equipment and experience to carry their cargo.

Our Partners

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