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Doing Trucking the Right Way

We are Capital Transportation Inc. We do the transportation business the way it should be done -- with efficieny, quality, and safety in mind. Most importantly, we have a team of Owner Operators and OTR Drivers that are the reason for our success.

Aerial View of Distribution Center

At Capital Transportation Inc., we are committed to satisfying the needs of our partners. Our team of Owner Operators and OTR Drivers allows us to be the benchmark of the transportation services industry.


What We Do

At Capital Transportation Inc., we are equipped to deliver almost any type of cargo load. Our fleet of Owner Operators and OTR Drivers are experienced individuals who know what it takes to consistently deliver cargo on time from one destination to another.


Dry Freight

We are very experienced with carrying Dry Freight cargo. We ensure that our trailers are always clean and ready to haul the next cargo load across the country. 


Temperature Controled Freight

We carry Temperature Controlled Freight in trailers with regularly serviced Reefer units to assure our shippers and brokers that their cargo will be transported at the required temperatures.


Fletbed Freight

We know that certain types of cargo need the flexibility of a flatbed trailer, hence why we have and will always offer this service.

Company Blog & Updates

Our Partners

Our partners can always count on us for timely and quality service. 

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